4 star cupMy Highly Caffeinated Thought: A wonderful debut filled with heart, quirk, and a bit of romance.

WELCOME TO YOUR LIFE is the debut novel for Katina Marie. This book has so many elements that I love in a new adult romance. It has all the feels, the emotions, the pivotal moments when the character struggles with what will be her next steps, and of course, a decent amount of Harry Potter/Buffy references. The last one is obviously the most important. 😘

DATING YOU / HATING YOU by Christina Lauren
Gallery Books
3 half star cupMy Highly Caffeinated Thought: A modern romance filled with fun moments, smart-ass retorts, and how dating in the workplace can go oh-so-wrong.

Christina Lauren’s latest book, DATING YOU / HATING YOU, is a witty and smart book that plays with the premise of what dating in a very competitive work environment. Evie and Carter start out as a hook-up with more potential, but soon find that they are fighting for the same job. The antics between the two are hilarious and I dare you not to have a “girl-power” moment when Evie takes on certain situations.

ARE YOU SLEEPING by Kathleen Barber 
Gallery Books 
4 star cupMy Highly Caffeinated Thought: A completely addictive read with a refreshing approach to the true crime phenomenon and psychological suspense.

This book…holy crap! I cannot express how much I loved reading this debut novel from Kathleen Barber. From the first chapter, I was instantly obsessed with finding out if Poppy Parnell is going to unravel the truth behind an old murder and what it was going to do everyone involved.

Lake Union Publishing
4 star cupMy Highly Caffeinated Thought: This book has a little bit of everything. It is steeped in history but also filled with murder, suspense, and bit of romance on the side.

With a careful attention to historical detail, A BEAUTIFUL POISON is more than just a retelling of New York during Gilded Age. This eloquent and beautifully written story deals with murder, sickness, love, and secrets one family has had to keep.

The Bourbon Kings Series, Book 2
5 star rating

ANGELS' SHARE is a positively irresistible story filled with Southern charm and high drama. The Bradford family gives you all of fun, sexiness, and scheming that will leave you wanting more. Move over Ewings and Carringtons, there is a new family in making waves!

In the second book in the Bourbon Kings series, J.R. Ward picks up right where we left off in the first book. The Bradford family is trying to pick up the pieces after the passing of the patriarch when it becomes apparent that his death may not have been a suicide. As the story twists and turns, the reader will get more of glimpse into the lives of everyone in the family. Lane, Gin, Edward, and Maxwell along with friends and loved ones will have to deal with the looming financial crisis, the rebuilding of the family business, secrets that are best kept behind closed doors, and murder. What more could you possibly ask for?

COCOA BEACH by Beatriz Williams
William Morrow
4 star ratingMy Highly Caffeinated Thought: This book has a compelling tale with equal parts historical fiction, family saga, and suspense.

Good historical fiction will transport you to a time and place that cannot be experienced except in books. It gives you a human connection to something that seems so far away. COCOA BEACH is one of those stories that does just that.

The Bourbon Kings Series, Book 1
5 star rating
The Bourbon Kings is an enthralling family saga packed with scandal and edge of your seat drama. It will open the doors to a sinfully addictive world of love, lies, greed, secrets, and Bourbon.

In the first book in the Bourbon Kings series, you are thrown into the Bradford family dysfunctional drama as Tulane makes his way back to his family estate, Easterly, after a two year absence. With a wife that is just as conniving as any villain you could see on the big screen, a sister that has a way of getting into trouble, a brother that is dealing with his own tragic past, and a father that is as devious as he is despicable, Tulane has his hands full. However, there is a bright side to all the crazy and that is Lizzie King. For all intents and purposes, she is the love of his life and the one that got away.

DEVIL’S CUT by J.R. Ward
The Bourbon Kings Series, Book 3
Ballantine Books
5 star rating My Highly Caffeinated Thought: A perfect ending to the series packed with secrets, murder, a lot of drama, and of course, bourbon.

DEVIL’S CUT is the final book in The Bourbon Kings trilogy. This series has followed the Bradford family through a tremendous amount of ups and downs…well, mostly downs. The struggle that each of the characters face and the decisions that they make all add to the layers of the story.

For those of you who don’t know, I am a huge comic book/graphic novel fan. I love the sensation that you get when you open up a new book and are greeted with illustrations (...and some text) that will give you a look at a world to you that you may or may not know anything about.



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