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MISS YOU by Kate Eberlen
4 star rating


MISS YOU is a heartfelt looking into two people’s lives as they go through their daily struggles, suffer loss, and decide open their hearts to love again. Though, this book turned out to be different then what I expected, I have to say that I truly enjoyed this witty, moving, and sincere story. I loved the moments where the character’s lives intersected but they never knew it. I also truly appreciated the honesty in the author’s portrayal of each of the characters. Eberlen wrote how life is. There is no sugar coating the bad moments or the awkward ones. There is no glossing over the hard decisions or emotions. She lays it all out there as we follow Tess and Gus through the years until they meet again.

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WOMAN NO. 17 by Edan Lepucki
Hogarth Press
4 star rating

WOMAN NO. 17 pushes the limits of identity as well as exploring what happens when someone tries to be someone else. Filled with secrets, lies, and duplicity, this book is highly complex story that reads like your favorite trashy beach read. The author manages to weave together extremely developed and complicated issues with such a fluid narrative that it was not until the end that I realized how amazing this book actually is.

Book Review for EVERY WILD HEART by Meg Donohue

William Morrow Paperbacks

4 star rating

EVERY WILD HEART is one of those books that balances the emotion and family dynamics along with a hint of mystery that is threaded throughout. What I loved the most about this story is the evolution of Gail (the mother) and Nic (the daughter). Their relationship with each other and those around them was the element of the book that grabbed me the most. Through an honest and expressive voice, Donohue gives her readers a glimpse that the wonderfully imperfect relationship that mothers and daughters have all the while showing the love that always remains.

Book Review for The Mermaid's Daughter by Ann Claycomb

William Morrow Paperbacks
4 star rating

THE MERMAID’S DAUGHTER is part love story, part fairy tale, and part magical retelling of the classic tale of the “The Little Mermaid”. It is a beautifully dark and passionate re-imagining which is only enhanced by the eloquence of the author’s words. The well developed characters and their relationships to each other bring you deeper into a story that was originally told by Hans Christan Andersen. There is so much that I loved about this book, but what really grabbed me was the way the author presented this unbelievable tale and made it believable. There wasn’t a moment that I didn’t think that any of it was implausible. Then combine that with the mixture of operatic artistry, this tale is definitely one for those who love a magical yet not so perfect fairy tale.

Book Review for A Piece of the World by Christina Baker Kline

A PIECE OF THE WORLD by Christina Baker Kline
William Morrow
5 star rating

There are so many times when I stand in front of a painting and wonder about the story behind it. Who are the people depicted? What could their lives have been like? Why did the artist want to capture this moment? In A PIECE OF THE WORLD, the author gives us a beautiful and touching story behind one of Andrew Wyeth’s most famous paintings, “Christina’s World”.

Book Review for SIX STORIES by Matt Wesolowski

SIX STORIES by Matt Wesolowski
Orenda Books
5 star rating

SIX STORIES is a unique, refreshing, and positively creepy thriller that has the reader to constantly trying to figure out what the “real” story is. Hands down, this is one of the most addictive approaches to a thriller that I have read in a while. What I love the best was how the story unfolded as each interview took place. It was as if I were in the room or listening to it all happen. Honestly…I loved this book so much that it hard to even express how genuine the whole story felt. The idea of taking a podcast with the only purpose is to shine a light on a crime and making it a novel could have been a minefield of problems. Yet, Wesolowski didn’t land on any of them. He truly did something wonderful with this book.

The Possessions by Sara Flannery Murphy

THE POSSESSIONS by Sara Flannery Murphy
4 star rating

Suspenseful, thought provoking, and refreshingly honest. Murphy’s debut is part mystery, part ghost story, and part romance. She breaks down the essence of her characters so that the reader is constantly guessing who they really are.

Book Review for THE CONFESSIONS OF YOUNG NERO by Margaret George

5 star rating

THE CONFESSIONS OF YOUNG NERO is a story not only steeped in history, but infused with the emotion, desires, secrets, and drama. Margaret George has crafted a wonderfully authentic tale that instantly transports her readers into Rome during the time when Nero is growing up and will eventually become Emperor. What truly grabbed me about this book is the character of Nero and how human he was able to come across.

Book Review for A THOUSAND LETTERS by Staci Hart

5 star rating

Staci Hart just raised the bar for all second chance romances with A THOUSAND LETTERS. The story is raw, emotional, and honest. It effortlessly showcases the ups and downs that people have to deal as well as showing the love that one can keep in their hearts over time. While I was reading, I loved how beautifully flawed the characters were. I would find myself getting lost in Elliot and Wade’s words as each page turned. The journey that the reader goes on in A THOUSAND LETTERS will bring you to the point of breaking, but then give you a small nugget of hope.



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